Privacy Policy

Oasis Garden Wellness Center greatly appreciates your trust in our website. We promise that we will treat your personally-identifiable information with the utmost of care to keep it secure and private from outside parties. Please continue reading our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we handle your personal information.

1. Collecting Information
We collect your personal information when you request your appointment in order to provide the services specified on our website. In addition, we collect information such as page views, computer IP addresses, and other statistics in the form of logs in order to enhance the efficiency and convenience of our website.

2. Sharing Information
We do not share your information with third parties other than the information necessary to conduct business as stated above. In addition, we do not use your credit card information for any other purpose than to process any payments for your purchases through our website. We safeguard the security of your credit card information during checkout transmission by a reputable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which uses at least 128 bit web browser encryption as it is passed from your computer to our website. For added protection, we also never store your credit card information in its entirety on our website which is protected behind strict firewalls.

3. Communicating with Customers
Our staff may use your telephone number and email address to contact you regarding your appointments and/or purchases of products available for purchase on our website.

4. Email Campaigns
From time to time, we may use your email address for email marketing campaigns that we may conduct. However, we do not share your email address with any third party vendors, unless those third party vendors are working for us and are strictly conducting email marketing campaigns for us.

5. Use of Cookies
We use "cookies" (which are small text files attached to your internet browser) to enhance your online ordering experience. Cookies allow customers to place their orders more quickly and efficiently by storing such information as your email, account information, and personal preferences. They may also give us insight on how to improve our services to better match your preferences. In addition, we do not use cookies to log your browsing habits and activities outside of our website.

6. Your Secure Information
We use a highly reputable and certified encryption software, such as 128-256 bit SSL encryption, when transmitting and receiving private consumer data on our site. This includes but is not limited to credit card information. This information can only be decrypted by our secure servers.

7. Relaying Appropriate Information to Authorities
In the unlikely event that we need to investigate or resolve any possible issues or inquiries, we are allowed, and you give us authorization to, disclose any of your information to any private entity, law enforcement, and/or any other government official that we believe necessary or appropriate at our own discretion.

8. Changes to Policies
Sometimes we may use customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices alter in the future, we will post the policy changes to our website in order to notify and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new changes. If you are still concerned about how your information is collected and used, we recommend that you check this section of our website.